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to the Cloud Build backend for PlayCanvas projects

to improve production pipelines



Conveniently generate builds with one click or set up auto builds (e.g. nightly builds).


You can choose which branch to build from.


Add/Remove scenes per build if needed.

Custom Settings

Change settings (e.g. Allow Cheats YES/NO) per build. Also custom fields with primitive values are supported and can be accessed in runtime.

Post Build procedures

For instance, it can automatically add the “viewport-fit=cover” meta tag to your index.html, so your game gets displayed fullscreen on iOS devices. You can also add custom files per build.


The Version number gets automatically displayed in the build and is semantically incremented.

Pin Engines

Pin your PlayCanvas engine version from your previous builds to guarantee a longer lifecycle of your projects.

User Management

Add multiple users with your organisation E-Mail address with different permissions (In development).

Easy Sharing

Builds get automatically uploaded to a server and are easily shareable (e.g. with your customer).

Mobile Testing

A QR code is generated, so you can test the build on your mobile device without typing the URL.


Throw errors or warnings, e.g. when you have whitespaces in your asset names (which some servers don’t encode correctly).

File size overview

Hunt down the biggest files in your build.

Asana Integration

When a build has finished, it generates automatically a card in your Asana board with a link to the build (we can also do a JIRA or Trello integration).


Old builds can be automatically deleted, to free up server space.

App Splitting

Split builds to allow asset loading from cross-origin URLs.

Loading screen wizard

Dynamically edit and preview your custom loading screen.

Currently this is just a tool we use internally. But if someone is interested in using it for themselves, let us know!

Get in touch today to see a demo or get custom access at info@redox-interactive.com